• How much is the deposit?

    The deposit is $300. While different puppies cost different amounts, the deposit is always $300.

  • How do I pay my deposit?

    The deposit can be paid through PayPal or Venmo. If paying through PayPal and using “goods and services” there will be a $10 charge (this is done by PayPal, not us). The deposit amount for those using “goods and services” is $310. If done incorrectly, the deposit will not be considered paid in full until the $10 is paid.

  • Something unexpected came up and I will no longer be purchasing the puppy I placed a deposit on. Is my deposit refundable?

    NO. The purpose of the deposit is to protect the buyer and the seller. When we take deposits on our puppies, we turn down many interested families. The process we go through with several families from first introductions to receiving a deposit is lengthy. Litters range from 6 to 12 puppies and that means we are dealing with many families while also caring for and raising healthy puppies. If something unexpected comes up, I am sorry to hear that, but we are unable to refund your deposit.

  • How do I pay for my puppy?

    The final balance for the puppy will be due at or before pickup. No puppies will be released from us without being paid in full. The final balance for the puppy is to be paid in CASH.

  • Do you health test your dogs?

    Yes, all of our dogs have been health, genetic, and trait tested through Embark. You can email at thegoldenrule7@yahoo.com to request those results.

  • Do you offer a health guarantee?

    Yes, we have a one year health guarantee.

  • Do you offer breeding rights?

    Breeding rights are only available to approved breeders.

  • ​I can’t keep my puppy, am I able to get my money back?

    No, there are no returns and no money will be given back for the puppy. If you cannot keep your puppy at any time, it is your responsibility to contact us to discuss options.

  • Can I come to meet the puppies in person before putting a deposit down?

    Unfortunately we do not allow visitors before puppy pick day. Young puppies are susceptible to many diseases and illnesses. We cannot risk people bringing diseases into our home. If we let everyone who was “interested” come in to meet the puppies, we would have several families coming in daily. With that being said, we understand insecurities and worries about putting a deposit down on a puppy without seeing it first. Scammers have ramped up their efforts this year, and it is hard to trust anyone. A picture or even a video of the puppies is not enough to show proof anymore, so we do offer to FaceTime with families that would like to put a deposit down.

  • I have another dog in the home. Can I bring my dog to meet the puppies before I decide?

    No. This is not safe for our puppies. If your dog is aggressive or possessive then a puppy may not be a good fit for you at this time.

  • I am not available on puppy pickup day, can I get the puppy a few days later?

    Puppies go home at 8 weeks, on the day that we decide is best for the puppies. Puppies are A LOT of work. If we were to keep your puppy a few days for you, then there would be a daily boarding fee that will need to be paid on the regularly scheduled puppy pickup day ($15 a day). Families are told the date of puppy pick up before placing a deposit to ensure the date works with their schedule.

  • I want to pick my puppy in person, but I am not available on puppy pick day.

    I understand! Everyone is very busy. We also offer virtual puppy pick! When it is your turn to pick, we will send pictures/videos of the available puppies so you can decide which one you want. We post weekly pictures of the puppies, so many families already know which puppies they are interested in before puppy pick day. Puppy pick will occur between 5-7 weeks. The exact date will be confirmed before we start taking deposits on each litter.

  • Do you microchip all the puppies?

    No, at this time we do not microchip all the puppies. We will fulfill a request to microchip your puppy for an additional $45. The cost must be paid upfront.

  • Do you recommend pet insurance for my puppy?

    YES! We highly recommend pet insurance for your new puppy. While our puppies are very healthy, unexpected things can happen in life. Your puppy will go home with 30 days of free pet insurance from Trupanion. You will have 24 hours after taking your puppy home to activate your offer. It is our recommendation that you continue that insurance after the beginning 30 days. This is, however, not a requirement to purchase one of our puppies.

    Overview of the Go Home Day Offer:
    · 30 days of coverage with no obligation
    · Immediate coverage, waiting periods are waived
    · $250 deductible, no payout limits
    · Coverage for any new injuries or illnesses (more information about Trupanion online)

  • Do you recommend additional training for new puppy when I bring him home?

    Yes! We recommend additional training for your new puppy. Your puppy will be trained while in our care, and puppies will typically go home knowing basic tricks. With that being said, it is your responsibility to train your puppy after he leaves our care. We highly recommend BAXTER and Bella for any of your training needs! In short, their easy-to-use and fun-to-follow online dog training program provides everything you will need in order to successfully train your new puppy and achieve better animal ownership and experience the very best in canine companionship! Inclusive of more than 75 lessons, over 100 how-to videos, printable chart & checklists, as well as lifetime access to so many other supporting resources, their team of puppy parenting professionals are committed to helping you successfully integrate your new canine companion into your life, family and home, and they even include unlimited one-on-one video-enabled video coaching, phone calling, events, classes and courses too!

    Please use the code THEGOLDENRULE to receive 25% off your one time, lifetime membership fee.

    BECOME A MEMBER | BAXTER & Bella (baxterandbella.com)

  • What food do you feed your puppies?

    We feed our puppies Purina Pro Plan puppy formula. It is important to feed puppies and dogs a high-quality food from the start. You can choose your own food for your new puppy, but make sure you switch from our food to yours slowly. You can start by mixing a little of what we send home with you with a little of whatever food you choose. Each day you can add less of our food and more of yours until the puppy is only eating your food. If you switch foods too quickly, this can cause diarrhea for your puppy.

  • How can I purchase a Golden Rule puppy?

    The first step is to complete a puppy application. Once that is submitted, you can text, call, or email to discuss the next steps. A $300 deposit is required to secure a puppy from one of our available litters. A puppy application does not secure a puppy or a spot in line.

  • Do you ship puppies?

    We will not ship puppies. We can, however, set up a delivery to you using a personal flight nanny.

    There is also the option of you flying here to get your puppy and we will meet you at the airport.