Wanted to share some photos of Oats from over the last 6 weeks!! We love him so much and he’s getting bigger by the second

He loves playing with his new brother Cohen and hiding under the nearest table or bed for Cohen to find him. He also loveeees to steal his food and just food and treats in general. Naps are also his favorite!

Hope all of the other pups are doing well! He misses his former family and all of his little brothers and sisters too.


We just wanted to give Golden Rule a little update with photos for Wally (Walter) and his big sister Layla. We love him so very much and he has brought us so much joy. He loves bothering his sister, car rides, running with sticks, and giving sweet kisses.


Here are a few pictures of our sweet Kaj on his 6 month birthday! We appreciate you Amy and family!! Very thankful we ran across you.